Superior Mineral and Cellular Hydration Support; Featuring Fulvic Acid

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HydroMolecular creates super-saturated molecular hydrogen water that selectively neutralizes the most damaging free radical, the hydroxyl radical, helping to give the body an edge in overcoming health challenges while improving metabolism. Molecular hydrogen has been shown to help heal the leptin, insulin, & FGF-21 (a compound created in the liver called Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 that helps stimulate fat burning) receptors, stop oxidative stress, decreases cellular inflammation, & improves mitochondrial function.Please review the power of HydroMolecular as well as review the plethora of research that has been collected at:www.molecularhydrogenstudies.com

Suggested Use

Proper Use

Allow one tablet to dissolve in a 12 to 24 oz. bottle of purified water or spring water with the cap tightly affixed. Preferably drink within 4 hours. Alternatively, place 1 tablet in a 10 to 12 oz. glass of water or non-carbonated drink, wait for the tablet to dissolve and drink immediately(acceptable but not preferred)